Riser Management

With the passing of the Telecom Act of 1996, building owners are accountable for the building infrastructure cabling (Riser Cabling). This includes coordination with the Local Exchange Carriers (LEC) and their competitors (CLEC). Building owners are responsible to provide a means for delivery of carrier circuits from the main telephone room to the tenant floor or suites. This also includes the removal of legacy cabling infrastructure. Let us help you implement Riser Management solutions that contribute to your existing core services and simplify your added responsibilities.


We provide building managers and owners innovative solutions to the common challenges associated with riser management. Consider our proprietary unified wireless and ethernet riser systems to deliver the very best satisfaction to your clients while creating additional revenue for your bottom line. Benefits of these systems include:

  • Higher tenant satisfaction
  • Eliminates need for tenants to construct office LAN upon move-in
  • Reliable and secure high-speed wireless and ethernet networks
  • Greater flexibility for tenant employees to access data
  • “Always on” connection to LECs & CLECs
  • New revenue contributing to your existing core services
  • Reduced costs for both tenants and building owners

All our riser management solutions include services associated with servicing and maintaining the structured cabling in your building.  These include detailed audits, surveys, and documentation of current riser systems.  All of this helps you to better understand your existing infrastructure and will consequently allow you to better plan for your clients’ future needs.  You can rely on Connect Port to deliver timely, professional, and cost effective structured cabling and wireless services for your property management team and tenants. Give us a call today for your consultation!

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