Network Cabling

Our expertise covers both copper and fiber optic infrastructure.  We consult on the latest developments in IT infrastructure and will implement the best solution for your business.  From design to project completion, we provide proactive management and support to make construction seamless. We understand your network is the backbone of your business.  It’s our mission to handle all of your immediate and future IT infrastructure needs professionally and courteously, taking care to ensure your networks always run optimally.

Data Telecommunication Equipment

Tenant Finish

When you move into a new space we will outfit the building to meet or exceed your expectations from the ground up. We work beside general contractors, engineers, and architects to ensure proper IT infrastructure installation taking special care to ensure your network can grow with the IT developments of the future.  Our designs and builds are both aesthetically pleasing and conscious of the space planning.

Existing Cabling

Let us help you determine if the existing IT infrastructure in your space can be utilized for your current needs.  We will test and certify existing cabling to ensure it is suitable for current standards and the demands of your specific network.   Cables are tested for length, attenuation, Near End Cross Talk (NEXT) loss, and wire map.   We provide testing results reporting shorts, opens, parity issues and continuity.  Return loss, longitudinal balance, longitudinal impedance, and propagation delay are optional tests that can be performed upon request.

If you require a large bandwidth or increased security, upgraded IT infrastructure can be installed as needed.  Our complimentary consultation is invaluable to assess your needs and determine the best course of action for any circumstance.

Riser Cabling and Management

We offer building riser design and management with available contract support for Fiber Trunking, Copper Cabling, and Circuit Extensions. We also help you create new revenue through innovative riser solutions. LEARN MORE

Outside Plant (OSP) Cabling

We offer innovative designs, implementation, and ongoing support of outside fiber and high-count copper cabling. Connect Port understands the complexity of WAN and LAN design and builds.  From start to finish, safety is our first concern.  Our team is well trained in fiber and copper installation protocols, so you can rest assured of the highest standards in all our construction projects.

Planning and Installation

Perhaps the most important aspect of the network cabling process is the planning phase.  A well-designed plan will lay the foundation for Connect Port to facilitate a seamless installation along with lifetime support. For example, we consider:

  • What are your current needs?
  • How will current needs change in the future?
  • How long do you plan to be in your new space?
  • What level of security does your network require?

The installation phase can be explained through 4 significant milestones:

  • Installation is coordinated with the general contractor and client’s time schedule.  Cable is pulled into position and supported with hangers, J-hooks, and plenum-rated tie wraps or Velcro in accordance with all local/city regulations and inspections.


  • Cable is fed through conduits supplied by the electrical contractor and is terminated on jacks with flush mounted faceplates for walls and surface mount boxes for modular furniture.  The network room terminations are on patch panels and labeled in accordance with the wire management plan.  This can vary with each client’s preferences and existing equipment.

  • As mentioned before, all cables are tested for Length, Attenuation, Near End Cross Talk (NEXT) loss and wire map.  The testing reports any shorts, opens, parity issues and continuity.  Return loss, longitudinal balance, longitudinal impedance and propagation delay are optional tests that can be performed at the customer’s request. We test and certify all cabling, whether existing cabling or brand new.


  • The final acceptance is when the cables are labeled at both the workstation and the patch panel; this is to match the as-built and to be delivered as a working plan.  All certification papers will be delivered when final payment is received.

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